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BLU - Henry Adams, Engineer

Postby Henry Adams » Thu Dec 29, 2011 11:25 pm


Name: Henry Adams
Age: 48
Gender: Male
DoB: May 31
Color: BLU
Class: Engineer (R&D)

Nationality: USA
Ethnicity: Vaguely Celtic-Italian-American
Languages: English, Technical

Hair Color: Faded Brown
Eye Color: Moss Green/Hazel
Height: 5' 11”
Weight: 143 lbs.

Short, lanky hair, kept in a pony-tail to hold it away from any moving parts. Faint 5-o'clock-shadow- type stubble, that grows so slowly as to nearly never need shaving. His body is nearly as lanky as his hair, tapering from thin legs, thin hips, and a narrow waist, to somewhat startlingly wide shoulders, built to carry equipment. Lean, athletic arms lead to oddly proportioned hands. Longer palms and shorter fingers, though not so much as to be inhuman, allow for a tight grip and dextrous movements, at the sacrifice of speed. The plain denim jeans, worn and tattered from work and covered in patches, cover solid black work boots, and a plain camouflaged short-sleeve t-shirt tucks in at the waist. As for a face, it wasn't much of one. Low cheekbones and sunken eyes, rimmed in the careful bruising of one who sleeps late whenever they can. Perpetual laugh-lines grace lips that never seem to curl downward, and a strong, roman nose seems to lead his head as it turns. Pinched between his teeth, a well-chewed toothpick, held more for concentration than for image.

Personality: Nothing is more satisfying to Henry than the thought of a smooth, streamlined design, built by his own two hands, out on the field. He's sociable, and always willing to talk, but you have to talk to him first. Camaraderie is not the first thing on his mind, and more often than not he is consumed by his thoughts, whether they be of a new design, or a recent problem that needs mediation. He has a general love of life, even stuck in a damp hole, such as the swamp-rat base, but has a neurotic need to complain whenever anything goes wrong, no matter how small, and can only take so much time outside on a sunless day, so prefers to barricade himself indoors with his research, away from windows and distractions. He is quick to forget a grievance, but never a grudge, and, much like a child on a school-yard, once he has identified the enemy, rarely, if ever, does he change his opinion. Luckily, all are friends until proven otherwise, and it takes a fair amount to even light his fuse, let alone set him off. So long as the job gets done and the stupid are weeded out of the gene-pool, or kept out of the way, he is content. He has a penchant and a lust for out-of-the-box thinking, and much prefers to re-invent the wheel, rather than trust a technology he knows nothing about.

Sexuality: Straight, but minimal. It isn't so much that he prefers to keep a clear head, as that the thought of a relationship rarely, if ever, occurs to him.

Creative: There is no such thing, to Henry, as a clear definition, when it comes to technology. Any device can serve any number of purposes, so long as you know how to do it, because, when you get right down to it, it's all the same.
Caring: When Henry sees a problem, he has to fix it, and that doesn't just mean his research. He can't stand to see another human being unhappy for any reason, and is used to spending just as much time resolving disputes as crafting devices.
Self-absorbed: Henry often pulls others into his work, sending them on errands, or forcibly teaching them how to perform a task, invariably without think of whether or not that person may be partial to the job, or has better things to do.
Unfocused: while his work can keep him zeroed in, in day-to-day life, Henry often fails to function. He can easily lose his train of thought in a conversation, and often walks into rooms with no concept of why he had even thought of it, usually returning more than once to repeat the same process.

Henry was born to an upper-middle-class family in Los Angeles, California. The youngest of a brood of children, he often kept to himself, even as a very young child. After a few exceptional years in school, he was made to move, first from public to private school, and then from private to home-schooling. He had an interest in robotics from day one, and doggedly pursued it, keeping track of colleges before he had even finished fourth grade. His parents were always supportive, but money was an off-and-on ordeal, so, rather than sit and wait for better days, Henry honed his craft until he could use it to pay the bills.

Son of two accountants, one an army brat, and the other an ex-catholic (an oxymoron if you've ever heard one). His mother, the army brat, rather than coming away disciplined and well behaved, had left home at fifteen, dropped out of high-school, and married a man who, realistically, could only be called a hippy, though not quite so stereotypical as you may think. This man was Henry's biological father, but had died young, while Henry was still a toddler.

Henry's mother was somewhat laid-back, but easily stressed, and very, very practical. While taking care of the dying man, she had learned everything there was to know about repairing the home, the car, and the appliances, as well as cooking everything from scratch to accommodate his diet. This was a necessary accommodation, as a rare form of cancer ate away at his body. The only father he had ever known was the rounded man who loved anything and everything, so long as it posed no threat.

Shortly after finishing high-school, Henry already knew more than many, and wanted more than anything to claim the piece of paper that would label him as a certified expert, but without funding, he had little chance of pursuing it, and, after his family had moved to a sunless portion of the northern half of the country, he had little motivation to change that, so he reached out for a different opportunity. The Builder's League United had the perfect position.

After a brief stint in a program designed for budding engineers, they quickly learned that he was incapable of becoming a field technician, due to his inability to build up muscle-mass beyond a bare minimum (a gift from his late father's side of the family), and he had a nasty tendency to question the orders of his superiors, often devolving into a shouting match in which he was reported to have said many things unbecoming of a gentlemen, and that would warrant dishonorable discharge in most organizations. However, he had a valuable wealth of knowledge and a talent for the absurd inventions the league found necessary.

Rather than dropping him, they shifted him to a recently developed 'R&D' division, where he could be watched and kept out of the way of those in charge. He built up a considerable skill for marksmanship through testing the weapons and gear his team developed. After many years of silently working his way to the head of the division he had an altercation with a BLU commander, to ensure that an experimental weapon was kept out of the field (claiming that just being within ten feet of the thing was extremely hazardous to a soldier's health), after which, he became too much of a nuisance to hold onto.

Primary: SIS Model 3: Standard Issue Sidearm, originally developed by his team for law-enforcement, designed to be incredibly light-weight, but pack a punch roughly equivalent to a 9 millimeter, and be capable of loading non-lethal tranquilizer and tracer rounds of exceptional quality.
Secondary: None.
Melee: TAB-A: Tactical Assistance Baton. Brought out alongside his team's SIS model firearms, the TAB Batons telescope from a three-inch handle out to a full two-and-a-half feet, with a small stun charge running throughout the steel frame, kept away from the wielder with a rubber handle and hand-guard.


First Person Sample:
“Quarter turn clockwise.. Half turn Counter-clockwise... Switch 3 activates circuit 3... Switch 1 activates... circuit 4? Well, crap.”
It took all my patience to not scrap the whole project and start again. It takes a lot of power to run a pure-matter conversion system. One slip up on the real thing could blow out the whole system. Suddenly, a solution springs to mind. A superior intellect and intense training allows me to make these executive decisions, and so, with great resolve, I carefully reach down to the machine's face... and switch the fourth and first labels.
“Not my best, but who really gives a shit?”

Third Person Sample:
Swamp-rat... Sounds like a damn prison sentence...
All Henry could think of was months and years of sunless hell.
If the clouds aren't covering the sky, I get a different low-ceiling in the form of a canopy of trees... God damn if those guys don't know exactly how to get under my skin.
All it had taken was one sentence out of place. Given, he had almost run over a four star general with a fork-lift, but that wasn't what had earned him this latest assignment. Not the forklift, not the yelling, and not the well-aimed back-hand. All of that was just icing on the cake. The cake, of course, was far more simple than any of his hijinks. He had disagreed. Though his only goal was to preserve lives, he had disagreed with a superior, and that was not to be tolerated after so many years of service.
So now they condemn me to damp, muggy, hell-on-earth, Louisiana...
“Y'know what?” Henry turned to the boat's pilot. “I'm going to enjoy every second I'm here. I'm gonna turn this lichen infested rat-hole into a got-damn luxury resort.”
A grin crept across his face.
“Let's see just how far I can shove that stick up the old bastard's ass.”


Name: Grey Adams
Age: 7
Gender: Male
DoB: Unknown
Color: BLU
Class: Pet
Nationality: USA
Ethnicity: Malmute/Husky mix
Languages: Dog, Henry


Hair Color: White and gray, with spots of black
Eye Color: Steel blue
Height: 2' 5” at the shoulder. 3'1" with head raised.
Weight: 156 lbs.

Grey has the calm eyes that come with many dog breeds, but there's a glint of intelligence behind them that you won't normally see in other animals. His fur is mostly white/gray, but the tip of his tail, a streak on his belly, and a large splotch on his face, covering his right eye, are all black. His paws are large, even for a dog his size, and his tail is as thick around as a man's leg, if you include the fur at it's widest portion.

Personality: While well behaved, Grey is almost entirely untrained. Years spent by Henry's side have had him learning by neccessity what he needs to do to get by. Altogether, he is a very sweet dog, but when actively threatened, he can easily prove that he's more bite than bark. In fact, he very rarely barks, but when he growls it's deep and loud enough that you can often feel it through the floor.When interacting with Grey, you may often get the feeling that he's humoring you in whatever indulgence you're putting him through. Whether or not he actually is is still in question.

Loyal:As any dog should be, but somewhat more so. Much like Henry, Grey makes friend quickly and easily, and once you've become a friend, he'll gladly protect you with all that he has and more.
Strong:As you might expect, Grey's size and strength are often overwhelming. He's been known to tackle fully-grown heavies and lick them into submission.
Sweet:More than anything, Grey loves to interact with people. Any good turn is rewarded with a lick, or a full-blown dog-hug, which consists of him standing on his back legs and putting his paws on your shoulders; a feat which is understandably easy for a dog of his size.
Lazy:Once he's down, he wants to stay down, and little if anything can make him move. Despite his size, when he's laying down, it's easy to trip over him, and BECAUSE of his size, it almost always leads to a face-plant when his bulk doesn't shift by even an inch under the pressure of your foot.
Apparent:There is very little in the way of sneaky with this dog. He's big, his steps are loud, and he doesn't care what he's stepping on as long as he gets where he's going, so don't expect him to be an espianage pet.
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Re: BLU - Henry Adams, Engineer

Postby The Announcer » Sat Mar 24, 2012 8:50 pm

You’ve been accepted to BLU, greasy mechanic.

We heavily advise dragging along and teaching your teammates about every little thing. Wouldn't you consider lack of education a problem?

Remember, your team’s activities can be accessed here.
You are required to make a introductory thread in the Docks, even if you don’t get any replies. This is an important process, and should have been done the same day you were accepted. If it was not, correct this heinous error immediately.

Please remember the rules, and that you are allowed to update your application with information on your character; we have specifically designed the app for this purpose. After beginning your dock thread, tag as you like.

Remember: We at BLU do not support friendships with the enemy. These will be found and destroyed.

I see you've brought a mutt along. Thank you for helping us feed the crocodiles.

Enjoy your time on BLU!
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