Tihun, BLU Hyena Bitch

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Tihun, BLU Hyena Bitch

Postby Connal Reid » Sat Jul 21, 2012 9:59 pm

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(Thought about making a second account for her. Realized I'm too damn lazy.)

Name: Tihun
Age: 30
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: Actual day unknown, goes by date found, August 12
Team Favorite Color: BLU
Class: Heavy

Nationality: Ethiopian
Ethnicity: African
Languages: basic English, Harari language, Oromo, Amharic

Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 253lbs
Image: (coming only if someone loves me)

While it seems almost a stereotype for Heavies to appear more fat, Tihun's muscles are clearly visible most of the time, evidence of hefting about large weapons and playing with strong predators, sometimes simultaneously. She's stocky for her height, without much curve to her figure (aside from the obvious, her breasts). Having somewhat less apparent body fat than most of her class often makes her face appear a little longer than it is. Her nose is more wide, almost potato-shaped, and points downwards somewhat. As for her hair, it's about chin-length, and usually is styled in a series of small braids/dreads, parted down the center.

Personality: Has a very cynical view on the world, especially when it comes to other people. Very abrasive, she doesn't like that she has to live with a large number of other people, but is willing to put up for it for both the paycheck and the lack of prison bars. More than a bit of a bully, she finds the best way to solve a problem is often the simplest. Which usually means either she'll beat the shit out of the person causing the problem, or she'll let her pets attack. However, even she realizes violence isn't always the answer, so if she can get away with it, she'll just ignore you completely. Seems to only make the strongest bonds with animals, like her hyena pets. Prefers their company over other people.
Sexuality: Homosexual (very repressed)
Physically strong - typical of the class, and of large women who take in not one, but two spotted hyenas as house pets. Perhaps not quite as much as a man of her class, and when confronted with this she'll attempt to immediately disprove this, or, failing that, will search a way to prove she is just as capable, if not more so.
Stealth - Not usually attributed with Heavies, but a good few years of tracking and hunting, both with and without her pets, have taught Tihun how to be quiet, blend in, and ambush. (Unfortunately, this may not work so well with a buddy tagging along, like, say, a Medic)
High pain threshold - It takes quite a bit to make the woman so much as flinch, and she has to be near death before she will call for help. This helped a good deal when her pets (mostly Saidah) would get overzealous during playtime.

Uncooperative - If Tihun is told to go to the left, but she thinks right is the better choice, then fuck you, buddy, she's going right. She just doesn't see the need to become involved with the team, and occasionally might need to be worked around rather than with.
Low tolerance - If someone gets under her skin, then she's just as likely to attack them as shout. This has gotten worse with the introduction of respawn and Mediguns, as she just sees these as excuses to not hold back. If someone will be perfectly fine before the day is over, then she'll just have to make sure she makes more of an impression.
Sadism - Tihun is a great big bully, and doesn't believe in avoiding a fight just because someone might be a coworker.

History: Tihun is an orphan, her original parents unknown. An older man in the city of Harar, having abandoned his name to take the title of Hyena Man, heard a baby crying during one of his nightly rituals of feeding the wild hyenas. It didn't take long for him to find an infant girl, miraculously untouched by the pack of hyenas that roamed the land (or any other predators, for that matter). He took her back to town, and upon discovering not a woman in the city was missing her child, took it upon himself to raise her as his own.

She grew quickly, and somewhat large. Unfortunately for the Hyena Man, the young girl he dubbed Tihun proved to have a bit of a mean streak fairly soon. Though she did her best to try and tell her adoptive father she loved him, she constantly disobeyed, disrespected, and became violent with him, and was not even upset on some of the occasions. The other children of Harar mostly feared her, with other parents and much older siblings constantly having to break up fights and escort her home.

Adulthood did nothing to curb Tihun's violent nature. It seemed like there wasn't a consequence anyone could come up with to dissuade her from violence. She was near constantly in and out of jail, and had been fired and rehired from the brewery on more than one occasion.

There was, however, one thing that was always spared from Tihun's aggression; the hyenas. As soon as she was old enough to walk, Tihun had delighted in following after her father, and it wasn't long before she was feeding the wild animals by his side. Even after she became a woman, took a job at the local brewery, and moved into her own home, she would follow her father into the night to play with and feed the spotted protectors of the city.

One day the large woman found a pair of abandoned hyena cubs. Deciding not to let nature take its course, Tihun took the cubs in and raised them by hand. Almost immediately the trio had formed a bond, and the cubs expressed their own personalities. They were dubbed Saidah, meaning "helper," and Ruth, for "companion."

That proved to be a good thing for the community as a whole. Knowing that there would be no one else able to care for her babies if she went back to jail, Tihun tried her utmost to behave. For over a year, she was able to keep things together.

Unfortunately, that didn't last forever. While helping her father with the wild hyenas, there were a few tourists along for the ride. By itself it wasn't unusual, but she had been told one man in particular was a powerful man from Europe. Not one to pay attention to those with money or anything to do with politics, Tihun never did remember just who that man was or why he was important.

She did, however, learn that hospitalizing people that are labeled as "powerful" is a quick way to ruin your life. The man, despite being warned that these were wild animals and not in any way tame, taunted and teased the hyenas. Tihun let him be at first, knowing full well the animals were more than capable of taking care of themselves. However, when he kicked one, it turned to nip. Before teeth met shin, one of the man's guards shot it dead. Tihun saw red, and attacked the man and his guards, which unfortunately incited the rest of the pack to do the same.

Records are sketchy, but it was reported that she managed to return to her home, fashion a makeshift barricade and some weapons, and managed to hold out against authorities for nearly a month. In all this time, her and her hyenas only left once to get food, and successfully returned before anyone noticed they had left.

BLU sent in an agent before the military could be called in. A Spy in particular, she was able to infiltrate and appease the two pets before being confronted by a now rather paranoid and angry Tihun. It was almost a week before the Ethiopian would agree to working for BLU, and only after it was guaranteed several times over that Saidah and Ruth would be permitted to go with her.

Unfortunately, even when presented with a perfect outlet for her aggression, Tihun remained, to be blunt, a violent bully. It didn't seem to matter much what color someone was wearing, if she felt like it, that person was getting a beating; if they were lucky. If they had really angered her, then she let her pets join in. Being literally eaten alive is not something anyone should have to experience more than once.

Her bad attitude got her bounced from base to base. On one hand, she was actually pretty good in a fight, especially after finding the right loadout. On the other, she was completely insufferable, often maiming and murdering all the wrong people, sometimes for as insignificant a reason as she didn't like the weather. Unsure what to do with her, BLU has sent her to Swamp Rat, where hopefully they will never have to deal with transporting those oversized weasels and their merciless master ever again.

Primary: Tomislav
Secondary: Buffalo Steak Sandvich
Melee: Eviction Notice

Saidah: Name meaning "helper." The shorter of the two hyenas, and also the more active. Weighs about 100 pounds. 2'7" tall at shoulder, 5' even from snout to rump. Has a lighter tan fur color, with faded, red spots, and the black on the muzzle stopping before her eyes. Whether it's playing fetch, chase, or "tear apart that human's face because mommy said so," she's perfectly happy to dive into activities snout-first.
Ruth: Name Amharic for "companion" (seriously). Larger, yet usually more gentle than her sister. Weighs about 110 pounds. 3' even at shoulder height, 4'9" from snout to rump. Base coat is a dusty brown, spots are black, and the black on the muzzle almost reaches her ears. While only slightly less enthusiastic about play time and hunting as her sister, she's a much bigger cuddler, and loves to snuggle up with people (whether they want it or not).
It should be noted that, because of where and how they were raised, neither hyena will normally attack to kill people, unless ordered by Tihun or otherwise provoked.

First Person Sample: I have to tell these people over and over that my babies are not to leave me, but do they listen? It still seems like every time I am asked to get on a plane or into a car, I have to spend too much time fighting on keeping them with me. Really, there is no problem. Only Saidah wants to still move around, Ruth will just curl up with me and sleep. I have raised these two from pups, I can control them. Yet even now, as this boat man looks at me like I am stupid, he is trying to tell me that they must put my babies in crates under the deck for safety reasons. It is all I can do to keep from punching him.

After all, I do not want to wait for him to get over a concussion, or worse, wait for a new boat man entirely. The sooner I am finished with traveling and get to this swamp base, the better.

Third Person Sample: The Ethiopian bully had an almost uncharacteristically warm grin on her face, as she watched Saidah play in a puddle. The hyena in question was acting like a cub, rolling around and sometimes chasing her tail. It was really cute, honestly. Tihun admired the free spirit in her smaller pet, how she didn't even need a toy to enjoy herself.

A sudden weight in her lap alerted her to her other precious companion. Ruth looked up at her, an expression on the predator's face that could only be called a smile. With a chuckle, the Heavy put a hand on her pet's head, giving a soft scratch to the back of her neck. The hyena responded by folding her ears back and tilting her head to the side, and let out something like a soft, short squeal. "Haha, now now, you have not been gone from me that long," Tihun chided, still grinning.

She murmured some praises in Amharic, before sitting back up. Saidah was now attacking a low tree branch, and despite it being a good few inches thick, she seemed to be close to tearing it free. "Ruth, I think it will not be so bad, to live here..."
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Re: Tihun, BLU Hyena Bitch

Postby Gerhard Melsbach » Sun Jul 22, 2012 1:52 am

Ahhh, I am so happy to see this character fully fleshed out from those humble beginnings in chat.
It's going to be interesting to see how she reacts to people who are part animal.

Accepted, since she's basically been a community project since day one.
I look forward to seeing you play her.
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